My Love For You Burns Bright Like Autumn.   2018. Oil on canvas by Kelly Jenkins

                                                                       My Love For You Burns Bright Like Autumn. 2018. Oil on canvas by Kelly Jenkins


There is a constant urge within me to capture the forces of nature in paint. To achieve this I use rich colour palettes, combined with subtle textures achieved through brushwork, palette knife and embroidery, to produce tactile paintings with an atmospheric appeal.

In awe of the energy and atmosphere that surrounds us; a landscape that existed long before me, will remain there far beyond my years. It is this feeling of confronting one’s own mortality for a fleeting moment, whilst looking out into our beautiful world that impels me to tell myself; life is not a dress rehearsal, get on with it and embrace it!

So in this ephemeral age in which we live, I need to look to the skies and landscape to find my anchor, my inner calm. Translating these emotions and memories into my paintings, hopefully enables others to find within them their own sense of peace and enlightenment.