Kelly Jenkins

I’m a painter and embroiderer working from my studio in North Hampshire. I have a deep love affair with the Old Masters of Romanticism and Impressionism. Contrary to this, I adore the bold and colourful energy of urban street art, as well as the historical, political and contextual forms of textile art. Fuse these inspirations together and BOOM you get my current body of work; a unique contemporary visual language that bursts with colour, texture, energy and depth; It’s where embroidery dances with paint.   

I make vibrant and tactile, abstract paintings that marry together highly detailed embroidery with traditional fine art painting techniques. Playful and organic forms, harmonious yet bold colours, are stitched into with dynamic embroidery compositions. These are the hallmarks of my work. Each painting embodies a sense of movement and action; their aesthetic is punchy and full of life.

 ‘Beautifully tactile and boldly anarchic’.