Kelly Jenkins

I create vibrant and tactile, abstract paintings that marry together highly detailed embroidery with fine art painting techniques.

Playful and organic forms, harmonious yet bold colours, are stitched into with dynamic embroidery compositions. These are stripped back to just a pure line, stroke, splatter or scribble; the basic, fundamental acts of mark making; spontaneous and intuitive. Recreated in stitch they become considered and premeditated. Embellished in gold, they express a new status.

My painting practice draws inspiration from the Old Masters of Rococo and Impressionism, to graffiti and notions of vandalism. The impetus for my embroidery is fueled by the historical and political landscape of textile art, its status and the stereotypes that surround it.

Each painting embodies an arresting sense of movement and action; with an aesthetic that’s punchy and full of life, they conjure up feelings of spontaneity, happenstance and energy yet rebellion, power and liberation are at their core.

 ‘Elegantly tactile and boldly anarchic’.